3 Ways to Refresh Your (Existing!) Wardrobe For Fall

1. Cut a new hemline on an old pair of jeans. 


We talked about fun and easy denim DIYs on a Buzz segment this summer, but rest assured, denim updates aren't seasonal. In fact, fall is the perfect time to take stock of your denim drawer and see which pairs could be altered or even donated. Right now raw hems are a huge trend, and they couldn't be easier to execute on an old pair of jeans you hardly wear anymore.

To get started, you'll need your denim (of course), a pair of sharp scissors and chalk or tape. Try on your jeans and mark where you'd like your crop or fringe to start. Cut your desired angle or strips and repeat on the other leg. (Cutting strips makes for a more dynamic fringe look, rather than a frayed edge.)

If cutting a step hem, use the piece you cut away from the first leg as a guide for the second leg. Then wash and tumble dry your jeans to see the distressed fray come to life. If you want to prevent your hemline from fraying after your first wash, just apply a product like Aleene's Stop Fraying.

2. Bring your sweaters back to life.

After more than a few months stored in your closet, it's probably safe to say that your beloved sweaters could use a little TLC before making their debut this fall. The bummer is that many sweaters have special fabric care instructions, which means you'll be facing a significant dry-cleaning bill or risk ruining them for good in the washing machine. (Read the tags carefully, because many sweaters can be hand washed and then laid flat to dry!)

To have your sweaters looking like new, invest in a battery-operated fabric shaver, like this one from Evercare ($13). This will allow you to remove the pills that build up under the arms and on the sides of your sweaters from constant wear and rubbing from jackets and handbags.

3. Extend the life of your shoes with these genius wipes.


Okay so this is really more of a product recommendation than a tip, but stick with me because these things will change your life. I discovered these wipes when I became frustrated that my fall shoes—white sneakers, leather boots and flats—would get marked up and dirty so quickly on the streets of New York City. Boot Rescue, Shoe Rescue and Sneaker Rescue wipes will help you clean and preserve the look of your shoes all season long.

Shoe Rescue removes surface stains and grime, which is perfect for polishing up your flats and loafers. (They work on fabric, leather and rubber!) The Boot Rescue wipes will remove those annoying (and damaging!) salt stains that show up after strolling on winter sidewalks in the city. And the Sneaker Rescue wipes will scrub away dirt and scuff marks from your favorite fall kicks. (PS: They also make Sandal Rescue wipes for your summer footwear!)

Personally, I go through these wipes pretty quickly because I like to clean up my shoes about once a week so they never get too marked up and retain their like-new look for much longer.