Office Obsession: Best of K-Beauty Products

 Image courtesy of @memebox on Instagram

Image courtesy of @memebox on Instagram

Here at "BTHQ" (as we like to call it), we get the privilege of trying hundreds and hundreds of the best, newest and most unusual beauty products on the market. Many of them become part of Bobbie's Buzz segments on the TODAY show, and some become fan favorites used on the regular by the girls in my the office.

Right now we're all aboard the K-beauty bandwagon! Along with the rest of the beauty world, we've fallen hard for the novel fun and magic, skin-tastic powers of these Korean beauty products. Below are just a few of the masks, cleansers, peels and more that are on our radar right now.

Nooni 'Snowflake' jelly cleansing oil (makeup remover), $23

Aprilskin 'PinkyPiggy' carbonated pack (mask), $13

Neogren Dermology 'Real Fresh Foam' green tea cleanser, $19

Banila Co 'Clean It Zero Purity' cleanser, $20

Neogen Dermology Bio-Peel gauze peeling, $27

Memebox 'Disco Kitten' mask, $23

Neogen Dermology White Truffle Liftmax knit mask, $7.50