the early years

I was born in Providence, RI in the 70s and was raised bi-coastally between Rhode Island and Los Angeles after my parents divorced. As a teenager, I decided to make LA my home base, where I attended Simi Valley High School and became deeply interested in fashion and beauty.

I made my own prom dress (pictured in the slideshow) and spent most of my minimal high school income on Wet 'N Wild and hairspray. I went on to attend UC XX and then transferred to the University of Idaho where I graduated in 1997.


An Accidental Psychologist

I moved to the University of Idaho with my then-fiancé from sunny Southern California in January of 1996 without much of a plan, not to mention a serious lack of cold weather attire. (Moscow, ID is basically Canada, by the way.) 

Shortly after moving, my relationship unfortunately became abusive and I called off the engagement. One day quite literally by accident, I found myself in the psychology building on campus, and thanks to a chance encounter with the department chair, shortly thereafter enrolled as psychology major.I learned a lot about myself during this time, and became passionate about contributing to my community—and possibly helping other women in similar situations. I left Idaho and went on to pursue my master's degree in counseling from California State University Northridge and work at the Valley Trauma Center, a rape crisis facility, as a counselor and advocate for survivors.

This intense and immersive work opened my eyes to the power that self care, style and beauty can have on a person's self-worth and the perception of who they are. It was the catalyst for everything that came next...


The hollywood YEARS

During the late 1990s, while I while still largely headquartered in LA, I had many good friends who were part of the "celebrity scene". Even though it seems like forever ago, there are plenty of people (mainly women born in the '80s) who still recognize me as the girlfriend of JC Chasez (from *NSYNC). If that is how you ended up here, kudos to you for your great memory, and please enjoy some "vintage" photos from that time to take you back. 

Not only was this a formative period in my life due to my age and the beginning of my career, but I was also fortunate to travel the world and have access to opportunities I may not have had otherwise. One in particular opened up the door to my time spent as a national columnist. 

I was with *NSYNC at a photo shoot for a major teen magazine at the time and someone had written an article on Britney Spears with the caption, "fake or real?" It got me fired up. What a missed opportunity for this influential pub to send a positive message, instead of opening up judgement or criticism. I brought up my viewpoint to one of the editors and this encounter eventually lead to my own advice column, and thus, Bobbie's Buzz (originally "Bobbee's Buzz") was born. I faxed my first column in on paper towel from a tour bus (true story) and suddenly my personal and professional lives were intertwined—I got to interview celebrity friends like Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Pink and of course, the boys of *NSYNC, about real issues and invited them to offer real, genuine advice to the teenage girls who adored them.

It was this experience, writing for a national magazine, that helped me begin to envision a career where I could share meaningful information and insight with more than just a few people at a time.  


From the pen to the camera

I loved writing advice columns for J-14 and Twist magazine and by the early 2000's wanted to reach even more people and share more of what I could offer than in my columns. TK TK TK

Including segments on NBC's TODAY show...



I did my first segment on TODAY in the fall of 2005 and am happy to say I've considered the show a home ever since. I've done over 600 fashion, beauty, and lifestyle segments since then and "Bobbie's Buzz" has been a part of the fourth hour with Kathie Lee & Hoda since 2010. You can check out my latest segments here and explore them all here. 

Today, Bobbie's Buzz is one of my favorite ways to share all the cool discoveries I make in the worlds of beauty, fashion, skincare and of course, #momlife. Even after all these years, it's still so much fun to get to come into people's homes each week and talk about what I love. Not to mention Kathie Lee and Hoda have become two of my closest friends, so hanging out with them isn't so bad, either. 



In 2013 I published my first book, The Power of Style—a handbook for women full of every kind of tip and trick and guide to make getting dressed an easier and more enjoyable part of every day. Over the years I've spent covering the red carpet, writing for magazines and preaching the good word of Bobbie's Buzz on TODAY, I've learned (and taught myself) invaluable information about how we dress our bodies, the colors we wear and the secrets to making it all come together.


The Personal STuff

As you've probably figured out by now, I did not marry JC Chasez, and he is not the father of my beautiful boy, Miles. When I was TK TK TK, a mutual friend introduced me to Michael Marion and it seemed we were destined to live happily ever after.

We got married at Kathie Lee Gifford's beautiful home in the Hamptons, in a ceremony I planned in about four weeks if you can believe it. My dress, by Le Spose di Gio, was actually chosen by the TODAY show viewers, along with some of the other elements of the big day. If you're so inclined, you can see a video compliation from our wedding here.



Andrea and I met in 2011 and instantly bonded over a mutual love of make-up, clothes, candy, neutral colors (and the fact that both of our husbands are named Michael). But more importantly, we share the belief that women should support, rather than compete with one another. And so the idea of powering projects to improve women’s lives was born. Woosh, the company we founded together, could best be described as beauty, simplified. Our Fold Out Face™ palette and corresponding makeup brushes take the guesswork out of getting ready, and the rest of our products are easy-to-use, time-saving tools.