FRequently asked questions


How do I get product to Bobbie?

Bobbie and her team are always looking to discover the latest and greatest innovations and exciting releases in the worlds of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. If you have a product or pitch you'd like to submit for us to check our or sample, please email 

Please keep in mind that Bobbie and the team receive a high volume of pitches and product samples, so we cannot guarantee coverage or inclusion of any kind. However, we do our best to respond to every request in a timely manor.


Yes! Our internships typically last for one semester (or a summer), and you must be in the New York City area. We are looking for candidates with exceptionally strong organization skills who are creative self-starters, efficient, and detail oriented.

If you are interested in an internship with Bobbie and the team, please send your resume and cover letter to, and please be sure to include your current GPA. 

Minimum commitment of 2 full days per week. Must be able to receive college credit.

What were you wearing that one time on the Today show?

For any questions about Bobbie's looks on the TODAY show, you can ask or comment on her social media channels (Instagram and Facebook) and someone will get back to you shortly with the details!

Where can I find that product I saw on Bobbie's Buzz?

As we continue to build the archive of content here on, you will be able to find more and more of the products featured on Buzz here. Check out the homepage for products we are obsessed with right this minute, and for past buzz articles (that include product links as well as a video of the segment) you can find them all at the Bobbie's Buzz landing page on


Bobbie followed a rather untraditional path to get to where she is now, starting first in psychology where she planned to work with women who were victims of physical and sexual abuse. So, many people wonder how she ended up as a Style Editor talking about fashion and beauty on television. To her, the connection was always clearer than what many people first assume.

As women, there are countless ways that we can empower each other, and she decided to combine her desire to communicate with and help other women with her personal favorite method of self-expression: style. She figured that if she cultivated her own sense of self with the help of fashion and beauty, other women could find them useful tools as well.

So, her advice to anyone when it comes to their career, is to uncover the motivating reason behind what you want to do and set ideal goals for yourself. Then brainstorm different, less obvious ways to achieve them. In today's world, you no longer have to follow a traditional career path. You can use social media to have your voice heard by far more people than you could even a few years ago. When you follow your passions, and treat all the people you encounter with respect and kindness, you'll likely end up with a career you're proud of.

Where can I find out more about your IVF journey?

I have spoken openly about my IVF journey with a variety of media outlets. A quick Google search of "Bobbie Thomas IVF" will lead you to them, but I've linked to a majority of them for you below, as well.