Buzz: Sequined Pillows, Spinnable Fidget Rings, Glam Goo

From feel good pillows to captivating goo (yes, GOO!), I'm here to share some unexpectedly "touch-worthy" jewelry, home decor and more.

We all have that one quirk: It could be twirling your hair or scribbling on the side of your to-do list. But if doodling doesn't do it for you (or you want to kick a habit like nail-biting), soothing "spin" rings and bracelets could be the answer. Great for stress relief, nervous energy or anyone who loves fiddling, these accessories come with moving parts or slidable beads to keep you busy in a subtle way — anywhere, anytime.

Daisy Fidget Ring, $24, Etsy
Copper Fidget Ring, $40, Etsy

Sparkly sequins are pretty enticing in their original form, but there's a new version that's been gaining popularity: the reversible sequin. Think of this unique fabric like the adult version of an Etch A Sketch; just run your fingers over the surface and flip the sequins over to reveal a different color (rub your hand back over to "erase"). From pretty pillows to T-shirts and dresses, there are countless ways to try this fabric ... and play with it for hours on end.

Assorted Reversible Sequin Pillows, $7 & up, Amazon
Sequined skirt, $25, H&M
Sequin pouches, $7, Fashion Angels
INC reversible sequined heart t-shirt, $50, Macy’s

Sequin Sleeve Jacket, $129, Zara
Reversible sequin shift dress, $130, Breelana

You can thank Instagram for this latest “What the what?” trend. Smushy, gushy goo — similar to Silly Putty or Gak, for those who remember '90s toys — is the latest social craze thanks to mesmerizing videos. Slime Jewel in particular has collected thousands of fans, and regularly sells out of their limited edition batches, which feature twists like gemstones and metallic foil.

Looking for more ways to kill time or squash stress? Aaron's Crazy Thinking Putty comes in 40 different varieties, including color-shifting, light-reactive and magnetic. Added plus: It's been said that clenching and unclenching a fist with putty in your hands can increase memory.

Birthday Cake Slime, $4, Slime Jewel
Sapphire Putty, $10, Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty