School + Counseling Career


Bobbie moved to the University of Idaho with her then-fiancé from sunny Southern California in January of 1996 without much of a plan, not to mention a serious lack of cold weather attire. (Moscow, ID is basically Canada, by the way.)

Shortly after moving, her relationship unfortunately became abusive and she called off the engagement. One day quite literally by accident, she found herself in the psychology building on campus, and thanks to a chance encounter with the department chair, shortly thereafter enrolled as psychology major.

Bobbie learned a lot about herself during this time, and became passionate about contributing to the community—and learning how she could possibly help other women in similar situations.

She eventually left Idaho and went on to pursue a master's degree in counseling from California State University Northridge, and worked at the Valley Trauma Center, a rape crisis facility, as a counselor and advocate for survivors.

This intense and immersive work opened Bobbie's eyes to the power that self care, style and beauty can have on a person's self-worth and the perception of who they are. It was the catalyst for everything that came next.