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If you’ve ever loved a dress on a friend and borrowed it only to realize it didn’t look quite right on you, or been drawn to a trend—like high-waisted denim or crop-tops—but have never been able to find a style that flatters your figure I'm here to tell you... You’re not alone.

Sadly, clothes aren’t cut with every body in mind. While you can probably recite your jeans, dress, shirt, and shoe sizes off the top of your head, could you tell me what your body shape is? Have you ever really thought about it? If so, do you know what items work for or against your figure? 

It’s not about size; it’s about shape.

As an individual, I’ve gone through this with my own clothes over the years and had to figure out what looks best on my body. As a style editor, I’ve also had to become intimately and instantly familiar with complete strangers of all shapes and sizes, who have come to me to help them find the perfect outfit on the spot.  

This is how The X Factor fist appeared—it was born out of necessity! I learned how to visually spot an X on someone’s frame—created by their shoulders, waist and hips—to quickly assess body type, how I might balance his or her look, and in turn suggest the most flattering clothing options. Seeing this mental mark allows me to envision an axis point from which to focus, as well as areas that should be highlighted or adjusted.

In your own life, The X Factor can help you shift your mind to shift your shape. For every perceived problem area there is an equal and opposite positive area, and once you understand this concept, you'll be spared hours of frustration in front of your closet and even avoid future decades of dressing-room drama!

Everything you need to know about
finding your X can be found in the book!