The Styling Kit

A good styling kit can save you from any number of fashion catastrophes. I recommend making sure you add any essentials you don’t already own to your emergency stash because trust me—it’s better to be safe than sorry! Stock up on these style savers for when you need them most.


For layering and smoothing: Commando's seamless Whisper Weight tank in nude and black, $48
To wear with anything and everything: Commando's seamless nude underwear in a brief, thong or hipster, $22 and up
For a touch of modesty: Nippies Skin 'Bristol 6' nipple covers, $26
To secure necklines: Hollywood Fashion Secrets double-sided fashion tape, $22
For a subtle height boost: Lift Kicks lifting insoles for women, $50
To add comfort and stability to any shoes: Foot Petals FabFeet heel cushion 3-pack, $13


On the go lint removal: Flint retractable lint roller with refillable cartridge, $11
For last-minute emergencies and adjustments: Assorted safety pins, $12
For stain fixes when you're out and about: Tide Stick
To remove deodorant marks without washingHollywood Fashion Secrets deodorant-removing sponge, $6
To prevent and protect blisters from uncomfortable shoes: Band-Aid assorted sheer bandages, $4
To relax fabric: static guard
To keep a belt in place: Clear Packing tape & Black gaffer tape


Steamer for travel: Joy Mangano 'My Little Steamer' handheld clothing steamer, $30
Professional-level steamer for homeJiffy J-2000 garment steamer, $175
To protect your clothes while putting them on after you've done your hair & makeup: Betty Dain hair and makeup protecting hood, $13
For DIY projects and sewing needs: Singer Pro Series folding seam ripper, $3
Large ($TK) and small ($TK) scissors
To maintain and care for your sweaters without a trip to the drycleaner: Evercare fabric shaver, $6