In 2013 I published my first book, The Power of Style—a handbook for women full of every kind of tip and trick and guide to make getting dressed an easier and more enjoyable part of every day.

Over the years I've spent covering the red carpet, writing for magazines and preaching the good word of Bobbie's Buzz on TODAY, I've learned (and taught myself) invaluable information about the relationship between style and self esteem: how we dress our bodies, the colors we wear and the secrets to making it all come together.

Below, you'll find an introduction to three of the styling pillars I rely on (which are further detailed in the book, of course!).


color your world

One of the most powerful styling tools you have at your disposal, and the first place I like to start when talking about fashion, is color. It’s something that surrounds you every day and is already hanging in your closet. Not only do colors carry with them certain associations that can help you attract the things you want and make stronger style statements, but they can also visually alter your look in dramatic ways.

x Marks the spot

While I bet you can recite your jeans, dress, shirt, and shoe sizes off the top of your head, I bet you can't tell me exactly what your body shape is. Have you ever thought about it? If so, do you know what items work for or against your figure? One key to finding out the most flattering fits and silhouettes for your body shape is to know your X Factor. 


A good styling kit can save you from any number of fashion catastrophes. I recommend making sure you add any essentials you don’t already own to your emergency stash because trust me—it’s better to be safe than sorry! Stock up on these style savers for when you need them most.