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When Bobbie says she’s a “professional girlfriend at your service,” she really means it. She stops women on the street to compliment their outfits. She gives insanely smart and rational relationship advice to the very single women of #TeamBT. She could tell you how to style a full, shiny ponytail, remove a fake tan, and layer your skincare products for optimal results—all without batting one of her expertly-applied lashes. (She can show you how to do that, too.)

Believe it or not, her decades in the fashion and beauty industry only came after a career as a rape crisis counselor while pursuing a Master’s degree in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy. That experience helped cement her belief that beauty comes from the strength within each of us.

But—we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Bobbie has, in her own words, “lived a lot of life.” You may have come to this about page to learn more about her career, her journey with IVF, her body of work or perhaps just that one time she dated a pop star.

To make things easier, we’ve assembled an easy-to-navigate highlight reel below. Click around to learn a bit more about Bobbie’s life and career.