First of all, let me say, "Welcome!" and thank you so much for stopping by Bobbie.com—a space for women to hang out (in the digital sense) and a home for all things buzzworthy. I'm Bobbie Thomas, at your service as an expert and an everywoman—just consider me your professional girlfriend, ready and willing to impart everything I've learned from decades in the fashion and beauty industries.

I've been lucky enough to carve out a unique niche for myself over the years as an authority in this space, but it wasn't always my dream. I started my career as a rape crisis counselor while pursuing my Master’s degree in Marriage, Family, and Child therapy. This experience helped cement my belief that beauty truly comes from the strength within each of us.

The spark had been lit. I loved the work I was doing, but I was eager to find a bigger platform where I could encourage self-esteem and confidence in women and girls. To make a very long story short, that's how I ended up co-hosting the Style Network's Fashion Police, working the red carpet for E!, writing a nationally syndicated column for J-14 and In Touch magazines and eventually penning an entire book about what I've learned, The Power of Style: Everything You Need to Know Before You Get Dressed Tomorrow.

I have always believed that you (and me, and every woman) can be sexy and smart. Fashion and beauty are such powerful forms of self-expression, everything from how we style our hair to what we wear each day have an impact on how we experience the world. So why wouldn't you take care in those aspects of your life as well as your career, your family, your home and your health?

Ready to hear something kind of crazy? Since I started sharing fashion, beauty and lifestyle advice on NBC's TODAY show as the Style Editor, I've filmed more than 600 segments! 'Bobbie's Buzz' is how I share all the latest discoveries on my radar that are new, innovative and stylish. The goal of Bobbie.com (How do you like our redesign, by the way?) is to give you even more of my first-hand knowledge... Oh, and have some fun while we're at it!

My hope is that this site becomes a hybrid home base of knowledge, inspiration and entertainment where we can talk about everything from makeup and self-tanning tips to motherhood, body confidence, pop culture and more.


In the late 90's, I was spending half of my time in Los Angeles, pursuing an advanced degree in psychology, and half of my time on tour buses and private planes traveling around the world with my then-boyfriend (who happened to be in the biggest pop group of the decade at the time.) It was during this period of my life, that someone casually and nonchalantly described me in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine as a "professional girlfriend" and unknowingly set into motion a series of choices and events that would change the trajectory of my life.

While I don't believe this comment was intended to be mean-spirited, it essentially reduced me, all of the work I was doing at the time, and all of the passion that I had for helping people into a simple "plus one" to a famous person. Well I wasn't going down like that. From that moment on, I've worked to build a career around sharing any and everything I know and have learned as a woman (using whatever platform available to me - from magazine columns, to red carpet reports, to television segments, to books, blogs and more) with others.

My mission is to arm any & everyone interested with the info and the tools they need to empower and embolden themselves, just like any good girlfriend would. Everything I know, every product I've tested (over 250,000!), every piece of advice I've ever been given is yours for the taking and nothing is off limits. Welcome to Bobbie.com where I hope you'll look around, ask questions, and hopefully find even more that what you were looking for. 

Bobbie Thomas Professional Girlfriend, at your service

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